Quick video, suspended pouring

Just a quick video, i didn’t intend to record but then part way through thought it might be interesting to see a bit of how it happened, so quickly picked up my phone. Of course that meant i couldn’t show how i tipped it as I was one handed but you get the idea of how it was created at least.
What i wanted was those lovely drip effects you get where paint drips slowly off the edge of a painting. Some of those are so gorgeous.
I suspended my paint above an old work, and let it drip through a hole in the base. I had a little too much black I think, it does tend to take over, but as I was using string colours, a dioxazine purple and a viridian type green I thought it would be OK. I also used gold and white. I didn’t achieve what I wanted but after tipping I’m happy with the result.
I’ll do this again, have played with this effect before and though each time I never get the effect I aim for I have fin and get some interesting works….BTW its eldest granddaughter who’s the pot noodle fan and keeps me supplied. I also purloined a load of plastic cups from a recent christening. #nothingwasted πŸ˜‰
Finished painting, its about 10 x 16 in i think.



Playing with resin

I’m playing with resin, covering an old tray that’s had fluid acrylics poured over, and been left to cure for three weeks, and trying out some jewellery moulds. My first time trying jewellery, and i learned that i put waaay to much mica powder in, thought i’d added just a little but clearly too much. Next time πŸ˜‰



The dry resin, took a bit longer than i thought, were still tacky after 24 hours and i thought I’d cocked up the mixing but another 12 hours and they were fine. I’ve ordered a few more moulds now and some caps for the pendants πŸ˜‰ I had fin with this and learned from it and for me that’s the primary purpose in art.
As ever if you’ve anything you’d like me to try, just leave a comment, if I’ve got the stuff – and I’ve amassed quite a lot over the years – I’ll give it a go.


I never watermark images but a recent pinterest thread got me thinking. I wouldn’t do it for ones on an artsale site but for general uploading i might try to remember.
you don’t need fancy expensive software and as a tech novice It took me less than five mins to open irfanview, work out how to do it and save the image. Its that easy. now remembering to do it…….
As I’ve not ever done it and i have minimal tech skills i took a look at what i have already. I use Irfanview for editing, its a free editing programme. I created a watermark by opening a new image, selecting text and writing my name. changed font and text size, and made background transparent. Its easy – its all in the boxes to check. then saved in my pictures file. Then i uploaded an image, went to Edit, selected add overlay/watermark, chose where i wanted it ( bottom left, as in non abstracts i sign on bottom right) then saved as new file, i added the w to signify watermark. ( I number mine so this is A59w)

My first geode style pour

I’d finished this 20 x 20 inch canvas a few weeks back and was intending to just give a resin finish to it…but you know what happens! I though I’d add some crushed glass, then decided to add some lines of glitter geode style and suddenly there it was, my first geode.
I’ve learned a lot, the copper, brown and gold colours ran, I don’t mind here, but for future i think i’d run some silicon supports first to let them keep the shape better. The glass was fun, tinted it with golden paints, sadly i stupidly reused a pot for the gold that has some still damp white in so that affected the colour a bit.
I did sprinkle some diamond glass chips over the surface while damp but most of it sunk 😦 I’m still trying to work that stuff. Varnish over and you lose the sparkle, don’t varnish and bits of razor sharp glass can and does drop off. I cut myself on this painting hanging it, not sure if it was just a sharp bit of glass or the diamond glass, but my thumb was bleeding well πŸ˜‰




Angel wings, or not! and “What if I …..”experiment

Seen those lovely angel wings type pours? Yep, so have I and I wanted to try after watching Loads of videos….Sadly it wasn’t a success, but did my usual tinkering, swiping and adding and ended up with something entirely different but which I’m happy with. when I know a painting is a fail I like to try “what if?” so ill add stuff, swipe, blow, spray – anything to change the paintingΒ  knowing it doesn’t matter what happens as i can’t make it worse. Its a great way to try out new ideas without worrying about results.

the final dry image. I actually like it now – though the angel wings were a fail the tinkering had a positive result.

Still in pursuit of large, clear cells.


I’m still in pursuit of those delicious sharp large cells from a dirty pour…..Of course all this trying uses lots of paint so here I’ve combined it with another issue, trying to use housepaint white as its so much cheaper than the art white paint!
I’ve got Much closer to the results I’m after but still having issues with the house paint cracking. Its not deep cracking, but along the edges where paint dried first, so maybe it was just too quick drying there? I’ve asked for help via facebook groups and one of the suggestions was to slow down drying by placing a box over the artwork. I’ll try that, along with other suggestions of increasing floetrol ration etc. I’ve a list of things to try, that’s probably going to be next video. I’m using Matt paint here, so I’ll try silk or satin ( or both if I have them), plus i was pouring over an old painting, and maybe with house paint it needs to be virgin substrate not over old works. I’ve done it successfully with ordinary paint loads of times but maybe the house paint reacts differently?
Below you can see the final painting dry and close up of the cracks. The cells though were much closer to what I’m aiming at so cracks not withstanding I’m happy πŸ˜‰

the wet image
Image once dry, crack in the white at edges