more sink strainer pours, and some updates.


after torcging, and dry. this lurked in studio for ages, i couldn't think what to do with it then added dragons and fire I liiked parts of this, but not as a whole so converted it to sky at night. imaginary of course! painted round planets, added layers of dark transparent blue then a thin translucent sparkle layer plus stars painted and holographic stuck on ones. This was an old pale but pretty ish one, so it became a peacock but TBH he's a bit twee for me.....


Trying to pour with a sink strainer.

I’ve not yet found the right sort of strainer, I tried the one from my sink first, a stainless steel one with slots and a bit that sticks out of base. wasn’t a great success, colours didn’t stay separate, and it looks a little murky to me. . 
Then i bought one light a tea strainer with holes not slots. This time I poured colours individually. first pic I liked but the colours seemed slow to run out the holes ( they are small) so for the second i thinned paints a bit more. Thicker was best though 😉
I’ve another strainer on the way so more experiments to come 😉 Thicker and colours poured individually seems best for me. these are wet pics, so will change slightly in colour and tone as they dry. And hopefully haven’t run to one side. I do use level on canvas before starting but its easy to be a tiny bit out, or knock table esp as I use a wheelchair…

thicker paints
Thinner paints

I’ve a few more that have become backgrounds for new paintings. I’ll show them next time 😉 As usual some work, others not so well….

A pour through the top of a fruit shoot cup, and a few of my latest paintings

Out to breakfast with some friends recently I noticed that toddler Livvy had a fruit shoot drink and…it had an interesting top, so I took it when she finished. Its got little holes in for those of you who don’t have toddler relatives or friends with kids….
I wonder how many of us look at everyday items and rubbish with a view as to how we can use them for art! My shed is full of potentially useful items AKA known to non artists as junk.
I thought I’d pour through the top and see what happened. I made colours runnier than usual as the holes are tiny, and poured colours separately. I tried to rest the top on the canvas on a piece of sponge, as i wanted it a little above canvas, but that didn’t work so I just held it in place.
I like the effect but next time will try thicker paints, and maybe keep the shape a little better. I’m pleased with the painting though, its on a 6x6in canvas. I added black to corners rather than tilt to cover and lose shape. I might try that with bigger ones when i do a dirty pour – I always lose any cells when i tilt to cover corners…another new thing for me to play with! I’ve so many ideas I just don’t have the time or the money – especially the money 😉 to try them all. I have an ongoing list of ideas and it seems as i cross one off I add two more. I could never get bored with this way of painting.
I’ve also been playing with other ideas, and pouring on wood cut outs to try to imitate ceramics.

the dry image, varnish will being back the brightness
a swipe with black
a ring style pour then lines created with stick. then some glass shreds added over the black, just cos I like it! I think there’s a bit of silver glitter over it too.
a ring pour that was meh….so i added more lines when dry and some sparkles…still not really sure about it TBH. I’m going to resin it to seal in the sparkles but I might add some dark brown first
wet painted woodcuts, I’ve added some sparkels and some shredded glass on dinosaur and fishes. I’ve also added a little detail now they’re dry like lines on fins and some dark on tail of fox and some face details
Don’t think I’ve shown this one before, sorry of I have. It was a so-so purple pour so I painted black round some circles, added details and glitter.


pouring over old painting, with a limited palette

I wanted to do a ring style pour in limited colours., black, white and two blues. As usual it didn’t come out quite as I wanted, but I’m always happy to go with the flow, so to speak and I’m reasonably happy with the final result. I might add something once its dry, might just let it sit for a bit til I decide if its done. I used to find it hard to stop when paint was wet, now i find it hard not to keep adding stuff when its dry…. #whenisaworkdone

painting now dry, hasn’t changed too much 😉

a 30 x 30 inch canvas, largest pour yet


This is my largest painting so far at 30 x 30 inches. I made sure the wooden bits for tightening canvas were secure but paint still slide over to the middle 😦  Next time I’ll use stiff card underneath to support, and maybe less paint.
I love doing big works but aside from expensive to do by way of canvas and paint/medium needed costing ££’s, its also space consuming. They take longer to dry and use up so much space that I can’t do more painting for several days until they’re dry enough to move out of the way to finish curing.

I picked colours at random, mixed as usual and layered into jug, then poured a la ring pour style. There was so much paint and the canvas was so heavy though that I tilted too much, trying to balance on one corner, and I lost my rings. Next time I’ll use less paint – sod’s law i usually have reverse issue – and get some help to tilt slowly.
It was fun though, I learned a lot from it. This has had one coat minwax varnish and is hanging in my bedroom. I’m not totally happy with it though, so may add something by way of brush painting a feature on it. I’m just not sure what yet. sometimes after living with a work for a while inspiration suddenly strikes, but for this one I’m still waiting!
I’ve given a couple of close ups showing some details below, the gold looks far better in reality than on pc screen. Its always difficult to show metallic paint onscreen I find.

Two 20 x 20 inch paintings for a commission

Edit: just watched the video, sorry for the fact that yet again I’ve got the camera wrong orientation – I really thought I’d got it right…second apology for my back and shoulder getting in the way about three quarters in. Oops!


Did these a couple of days ago, they’re taking time to dry of course, as they’re so big. they’ve changed a bit, I’ve lost a few colours that were large patches and now thin lines 😦 but that happens, not much to do. I make sure canvas is level so the paint doesn’t slide off, try to get consistency right but its the nature of this way of painting that some colours rise and some sink, and so far predicting which will do which is beyond me….and possibly will always be. Fluid art is not for those that need absolute control.
I used around 4-500 ml white and about 70 oz of paint. I knew i needed 28 oz for each canvas, and have found before that its better to mix too much than too little, as stretching the paint to cover canvas losing so much of the interesting shapes, though it does create interesting lines sometimes. I has one full cup left of mixed colours so i did a 12 x 12 swirl painting, and of course, doing the one ad hoc like that, totally unworried about result got me a painting I love. how is that – the ones we worry, fuss, take so much care over sometimes come out really well and sometimes are still a disaster and yet one kind of thrown on the canvas without too much though comes out lovely?

the pink based 20 x 20 inch canvas
the purple based 20 x 20 canvas
This is 12 x 12 inches, and i did a swirl pour and tilted. I really like this and want to try it as a larger one. so far my large swirls haven’t worked, did the first one fine, next three have been scraped off and that’s a lot of wasted paint but….its fun when it does come right.


Using the silver glitter paint additive, and a couple of ring style pours.

I bought a sachet of silver glitter for house walls use, and have been playing with that. I just mix it with medium rather than add it to paint.

dry image
leftover paint. Was a bit dull so i dropped in spots and lines of pure colour
was a ring pour went wrong 😉 but I like it. its about 16 x 20. It didn’t have silicon and looked a little bland for me so i flicked over alcohol to get the cells, and looking closely you can see where some has branched out to form dendrites. Pretty ;-0
Leftover paint from previous pour, much more what i was intending. deep edge canvas, about 16 x 6, an old one where i had gesssoed over and scraped off several attempts. finally got one right!