3 dirty pours, leaving paints to settle for an hour first

I’ve been struggling with cells in dirty pours. I see others who have terrific, big, clear cells, and mine are tiny or non existent and fall apart soon as I tilt. Doing a larger painting recently i’d mixed paints the day before and then layered them into cups and left for a couple of hours and its quite tiring for me and i needed to rest. Life in a wheelchair means adapting 😉 when i tipped my cup out I had some great cells and that made me wonder of mixing and layering paints then giving them time to work in cup might help so here I’ve done three paintings where i try just that.
the day after I was chatting online to another artist who had some fabulous cells and she reminded me that for cells you need much more paint than you think, and i’ve been relying on paint charts showing paint for coverage, but that means lots of tilting which is what can upset the cells. You can see that here in a way, i have some great cells out of the cup but once I start to move I lose some.
I tried next day using about 1.5 times more paint than usual and got much better results. Didn’t video that though – always the way isn’t it. I get the fails on camera and not the successes 😉 Still, its all learning and hopefully others can learn from my mistakes. ” I make mistakes so you don’t have to” d’you think that should be my slogan?
Anyway, dry pics are on my art blog, jeanniesartadventures I’m not entirely happy with them and may well repour two of them, the third, the one with the sparkle base, I’m going to varnish and see how that brings out the colours, then decide. I’ve re-poured over varnished works too, a coat or two of gesso and they’re fine.

I’m unsure about this one, might keep, might repour.
a definite repour, hate this one

I was playing with leftover paint, did a dirty pour, swiped it, added colour and swiped again, dragged stick through to create texture, and finally as I still didn’t like it I mixed some white and blue and poured over. Now it looks kind of river like, and I’m thinking maybe some pyramids and other Egyptian type additions so it looks like an old map. Maybe 😉