Pour over backing board, second attempt, using alcohol for extra cells


I’ve several big perspex fronted silver metal frames so i thought i could use the backing board for a substrate and then place in frame. First attempt went wrong, very wrong. Looked fine when wet but the paint absorbed quickly into the wood surface and the final effect was very very dull and dark. Varnish will bring back shine but if a work is dark it’ll stay dark. I should have given board a coat of gesso first, that would have stopped paint being absorbed,m and the white would have reflected back colour. But I was lazy and wasted paint was the price!
Second attempt I’m much happier, the first failed work stopped the paint from being absorbed and I used white this time and lighter colours. size is around 24 by 16 inches

this was when still wet, when dry the colours were awful…but i can’t seem to find a picture of it….
second attempt, and I’m much happier with it. this is the dry painting, gloss will come back with a coat of varnish.

When I flicked the alcohol over to create cells i also got a few of these little dendrites. ( in the white circles). It seems the alcohol pushes the paint outwards and sometimes it forms these fern like structures.  I’ve done it with ink on white paint, dropping alcohol into the centre of the ink and its amazing seeing the shapes form.  Love that effect.
Alcohol is great for creating cells but they are much more fragile i find than ones created via silicon and they break up easily.

I had some paint left so did a quick flip cup and i love this.



Author: jeanniezelos

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