painting with grandkids

Tan and two of the kids staying so we painted yesterday. Bren first, he’s almost 6, and chose the colours, black instead of white. we were doing swipes, with random colours, not lines and TBH we had too much paint – my fault entirely, so first swipes didn’t really work so took a second ( and 3rd and 4th for mine…) and I think there’s too much black. Bren’s happy though so that’s what counts.

Bren’s painting

Then Beth wanted to paint and Bren wanted to do another. She’d seen a negative one I’d done so we were after that effect, dirty cup drag was used. Bren doesn’t like the white ( that’s a nice picture Nanny, but you need to paint over this white bit….) so he filled in his by swiping. Its possible mine and Beths are labelled wrong way round…can’t rememeber now which was which. will do when i see them in situ 😉

Beth’s painting
Bren’s painting – he didn’t want white parts.