revamping an unloved painting, and playing with densities.

So the one I didn’t like on Sunday got a revamp yesterday…I’m still not totally sure about it but had fun. I was aiming for a kind of floral look, like tall foxgloves. Again just dropping paint and letting it blend, and pulling through to create some shapes and help that. 

Then I played with paint densities, looking up closest to what I had and just letting paint tip and flow very little, no silicon, and torching after.


I’d run some white over sides and corners before pouring and was really pleased but…though I spend ages ensuring surface was level I must have knocked it as the paint ran off one side. I came back 3 hours later and saw it, managed to move a bit back where it was still wet in centre but 😦 this is how it ended. still nice but not as I wanted.

I did this one with same colours but much more tipping to cover the canvas.

You can see the colours mix much more, lose their richness though I do like the ones they create by mixing. also the cells seem more this way but much smaller. I’m going to try this again. I used different colours as I was using an old canvas, so covered it in black first and used black on corners and sides instead of white.

Looking at it now I wish I’d let paint run more on one side, or placed it less central. It irritates that its kind of centred but not very well and I’d rather it looked like a deliberately off centre pic! Did this with same colours. I’d painted white on sides and corners but it didn’t look right somehow so ended up tipping a lot more to cover the white.

I still had quite a bit of black and white so played with some 3 x 3 in canvasses. white over black, black over white and then just pouring over all that I’d collected from runoff. The first one – the one on its own, I really liked – can’t recall white was over which now but I’d used an old canvas that had maybe three other lots paint under and I ought to have gessoed it as the surface is bumpy and not smooth and these paintings mostly look best on smooth surface.

I tried resin on the circular cake-boards, wasn’t a sucess, too many uneven and bare patches, might have been the silicon. I used varnish on the other two and that looks better. I’ve painted another plain and glued to back to make it sturdier but not sure how to fix something to hang it with. Shame about the resin and it would have made these much stiffer and worked well IMO. Still…maybe I’ll try another and not use silicon. all fun experimenting but the resin is so costly I can’t really play too much with that. Chris and I love the two pink sweetie coloured ones that have been resined. Its not easy to show but the surface looks and feels like glass and it really show where the gold sparkles are and gives a feeling of depth.

Time to add some to art sites now and hope for some sales so I can play more 😉 If anyone is interested in any of these email me, the 8×10 inch ones are £32, 3x3in £10 and others similar price depending on size. The most expensive is the 20 x 20in orange one at £120. I’m happy to take commissions too, you choose colours and I’ll create two for you to choose from.







Author: jeanniezelos

I'm an avid reader, love my kindle and I have my head in a novel for hours daily : ) Mum used to say I'd read toilet paper if it was printed- it wasn't, so i had to contend myself with the back and sides of the cereal packets. I've always Needed to read and we had few books when i was a child hence my penchant for reading anything including adverts then... I review mainly contemporary, erotic and paranormal romance books though dystopian and urban fantasy also appeal. I'm currently rated around the 300 mark on for my reviews. I try to keep them structured and to say what I do and don't like about a book so other readers can use my review as a guide to whether they may enjoy the book.

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