painting over “fails” to create new works.

Still wasn’t happy with the one from Thursday, which was over one from earlier in week, which was over an old, not loved any more painting….so tinkered yet more yesterday. So incantations one, two and three…
First go over old painting, added varnish to the medium just to see what would happen….

Close up of section from above painting. See the little pinholes all over? Might have been the varnish trapped air perhaps??

Then I didn’t like it, even apart from the pinholes so I added more paint….

Still felt it was a bit dull and bland so tried again, and this time I’m happier. Time to put aside though, I like it a bit, but overall its been a lot of paint and medium for a just OK painting…I think that’s it for this one, still uncertain I really like it, parts of it but the whole? Dunno…its got more life in it but I think its time to put this one aside.
I got a new colour yesterday, a gorgeous rich pale green/turquoise….I’ve been waiting for that so today might be one with that plus the burnt sienna and deep turquoise green from the other day. I might add in cerulean, possibly apricot too. that’s half the fun, picking out colours and seeing how they turn out. I still want to see if I can make the irridescent medium work too.
I’d run out of floetrol, been waiting for a 2.5 ltr bottle to arrive and hoped what I had would last, but it ran out, so to bridge the gap I ordered a 1ltr on amazon prime. sod’s law the 2.5 lts arrived Thursday, and the 1 litre wasn’t then needed but I hate cancelling, its not sellers fault, and it’ll get used so I left order. Then it arrived yesterday and…I’ve ordered the wrong stuff, same make but I’ve ordered a pre treatment. 😦 I’ll try it anyway – who knows, might work?? Exactly the same price and very similar label so i can see how I made mistake. If it doesn’t work for paintings then it’ll be there when I need to paint something, says use on surfaces like plastic and melamine so useful to have.
I think I might go over this one, not happy with it so use as a base for today…this was the sienna and green turquoise from the other day, where I forgot to add silicon…mixed more paint and swiped over but its pretty muddy looking and no real interest. Its easy to fiddle just that bit too much with these, then lose that freshness and I think that’s whats happened here.
I hate waste so reuse old canvasses, sometimes gessoing sometimes just straight over. Gesso is best I’ve found if they’ve been varnished though. 


Author: jeanniezelos

I'm an avid reader, love my kindle and I have my head in a novel for hours daily : ) Mum used to say I'd read toilet paper if it was printed- it wasn't, so i had to contend myself with the back and sides of the cereal packets. I've always Needed to read and we had few books when i was a child hence my penchant for reading anything including adverts then... I review mainly contemporary, erotic and paranormal romance books though dystopian and urban fantasy also appeal. I'm currently rated around the 300 mark on for my reviews. I try to keep them structured and to say what I do and don't like about a book so other readers can use my review as a guide to whether they may enjoy the book.

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