#Fails….. :-(

I’d new colours, phthalo turquoise and burnt sienna arrived, Daler Rowney.  ( snigger, each time I write phthalo spellcheck asks me is I really mean ophthalmic …)


I’ve not used that range before but as this uses such a lot of paint I’ve been trying a few cheaper ranges….
Usual floetrol,spray silicon, alcohol, water mix. I covered canvas in thin layer white, dropped sienna over two thirds and blue over two thirds so the centre third had both. then white at each short end and swiped across from ends.
Nothing happened…then realised I forgot the silicon. Oops 😉
Tried spraying canvas and torching but only got few cells, not much movement so I added silicon to leftover colours and redid what I could with what was left. swiped again, and get a bit more life in it.
I didn’t like corners though so swiped with leftover paints, mostly white, some colour. Then torched again. It was better but I still wasn’t happy so I let it run a bit…too much though.
I think the paint was too thick so as it ran – very, very slowly, it pulled out all the cells and just blended colours making a painting that’s just a mess. Join Monday’s two disasters….
All a learning curve though. Thickness is something I struggle with, sometimes I’m spot on, others its that teeny bit too thick, and that results with tipping pulling everything too much and blending, or else its too thin and it runs off canvas.
The two I showed here yesterday dried with tiny pinholes in, which I think must be the varnish, only time its happened before is when I was impatiently waiting for medium and used PVA. It works for others but for me it resulted in pinholes and cracks…the colours look very drab now too, dark and dreary so those will go for repainting too.
Its strange how some mediums work for some but not others. PVA is a non starter for me, though I just remembered I bought a different kind to try, I found floetrol and liquitex pouring medium pretty much the same. I use lots of floetrol, up to a 1:1 mix and yet others seem to just add a tiny bit, but when I do that nothing seems to move. Its still pricey here in UK but cheaper than liquitex so that’s what I stick with for now.
I have issues with silicon too, if I use liquid and rip it it it leaves “holes” in my canvas where paint is really really thin, and even if I really mix it in well and minimise that it still dries unevenly and yet I’ve seen people just add a few drops, not stir and it comes out perfectly.
Maybe I need to try a different type, I used cosmetic silicon, and I’ve seen lots use treadmill silicon. Perhaps that should be my next experiment. I really really want to get some large, clear cells, and keep colours vibrant.


Author: jeanniezelos

I'm an avid reader, love my kindle and I have my head in a novel for hours daily : ) Mum used to say I'd read toilet paper if it was printed- it wasn't, so i had to contend myself with the back and sides of the cereal packets. I've always Needed to read and we had few books when i was a child hence my penchant for reading anything including adverts then... I review mainly contemporary, erotic and paranormal romance books though dystopian and urban fantasy also appeal. I'm currently rated around the 300 mark on amazon.co.uk for my reviews. I try to keep them structured and to say what I do and don't like about a book so other readers can use my review as a guide to whether they may enjoy the book.

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