resin, and a bit more painting….

Went into studio yesterday to see how Friday’s paintings were doing and to finally brave the resin on the two colourful paintings I think will look good with that finish.


I’ve bought some marine resin, less easy than the 1:1 or 1:2 art resins at 100:2 so needs measuring carefully, but it is more affordable. Had doors open and its quite pungent and comes with ventilation warnings. I think they might need a second coats, esp that small one. I also had another varnish arrive I want to try, supposed to be a bit more resin like in appearance but with the ease of ordinary varnish, so I used that as a second coat over the 20 x 20 inch one, photo later maybe- if I remember.  I liked the initial look. I also used it on the second small colourful one so can compare with the resin one.
I painted black over some old canvasses intending to do some negative painting with them but…see later in post 😉
The greens that had irridescent glitter on look good, it looks black til light shines and then its all colours. Doesn’t photo so well, but you get the idea.

Then went back in later just to check on resin, make sure it wasn’t all running off, that it was still level and …couldn’t resist a quick paint! Grabbed two of the black painted canvasses, but my intentions to leave parts black got lost. don’t quite know what happened but I got carried away and forgot! Did both as dirty pours, used yellow, green and blue, plus white. Im trying to get larger cells. TBH swiping gives me the effect I like best but I’m determined I will master the dirty pour/large cells technique…eventually.


I think the paint was a little thick here, the first lot was too thin and ran off the canvas with colours all blending so out came paper towels and one it was off the canvas I restarted but think i went the other way, also had a few lumps in the white I missed.


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