Some colourful swipes

Had a quick play yesterday and these resulted. I really like them. I tried hard to get surface level so fingers crossed they don’t run off the page. when they’re dry I’ll take more pics to show the changes.





I’d really like to resin these, bring out the gold, and I’d forgotten I ordered some marine resin, cheaper than the art resin but a 100:2 ratio so harder to work with than the art resin, and its really strong smelling. It arrived yesterday so I’ll practice on the small ones first….
Method and colours:

R&L white, Schminke lemon yellow and van dyke brown, Lukas cerulean, primary red, sienna and W&N alizarin.

I used Floetrol and a little alcohol, and sprayed silicon into the cups before adding paint. this seems to work best for me out of all the way and ingredients I’ve played with so for now I’m sticking with it. Floetrol costs but for me it works. As usual lots of stirring and mixing, thin with water as needed. Consistency is really important. I then poured colours direct to canvas and swiped over on the two 8 x 10 inch ones, then when i was happy I sprinkled a little gold irridescent powder over.

You need Lots of paint for this so it sits proud on the canvas and then gently ( I use an angled palette knife) swipe across top pulling one colour over another.

The small ones were dirty pours, remembering to stir before pouring! I like both ways but swiping seems to be best for me.

I just whack the colours on as I want but I’ve been looking at videos of how to tell which colours create cells together. Basically they’re caused by a top colour falling through to lower, the lower one rising through top to upper surface, so by putting one colour on a piece of paper and dropping another over it should show you which one is heaviest.densest and make cells a bit more predictable. You can also look up density of individual colours on most manufacturers websites. White and Black seem pretty dense so I guess that’s why they tend to be base colours but you can use any. I don’t mind random unpredictability so I just wade in. Of course you can use same mix each time and get different results even if you apply colours exactly the same, as you might add more of one than the other, swirl for longer or less or in a different direction, swipe harder or lighter, more left, more right…the variables are infinite and that’s what makes it such fun for me.
Last Tues 20 x 20 inch is finally dry, took days. There was LOTS of paint on it and the weather hasn’t been great so that didn’t help. Saturdays violet ones are finally dry too, and kept cells pretty well, so I’ve a few ready to varnish and add for sale. I loved the way the rectangular one from last week worked, shame the paint dripped off as it wasn’t level but I want to try more of those. Dirty pours with three cups. So…ordered more canvas yesterday. Its scary how much I’ve spent. Lucky I don’t drink or smoke ๐Ÿ™‚ and would rather eat cheaper and buy paint, than have fillet steak and lobster!



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2 thoughts on “Some colourful swipes”

    1. thanks Jenn, its really fun painting like this and I love the results – well, most of them. some just don’t work out as I hope but the more I do the less it happens. Its been raining here, all day yesterday and woke up to rain today and I’ve found that slows the drying. Plus it means I haven’t been out to the art-shed to look at them. I so so hope I did get them balanced levels and I don’t lose that freshness and vibrancy. Then, I need to pluck up courage and resin them ๐Ÿ˜‰ not play safe with varnish as I think resin would be the perfect finish for these.


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