Losing cells as paint dries. 23rd June paintings

yesterday I was in art-shed varnishing some recent works, Tuesday’s big 20 x 20 orange one was still wet but some of last weeks were dry. Then the next litre Floetrol arrived unexpectedly, I’d thought it wouldn’t be here for a few more days so of course I had to paint!

The first one was right after pouring, second about three hours later when paint had slid to one side changing so much and losing that lovely sharp effect. I want to try again but ensure surface level, see if that helps a bit. they do change a lot though as they dry, and the one below was pretty level but still changed quite a bit. I think from reading forums some of the ones I’ve so admired are wet photos, though Danny Clark and Ann-Marie Ridderhof both have some gorgeous dry ones with clear cells. Danny’s videos are where I first saw resin, I’m still mulling over whether to buy more – its so expensive, but the three I have done, 3 x 3 inch ones, sit in my kitchen and though they aren’t perfect, aren’t saleable I love them. It really does enhance the colour. Ordinary varnish does a bit but this is so much better IMO. Maybe if I sell some 😉 I’m always an optimist.

This one changed a lot even though level so maybe I need more practice 🙂 more playing…
And below, look at all that paint under them. breaks my heart but skimping just spoils everything and really creates more waste as paintings just are fails. I’ve tried and that’s what happened to me anyhow.


I decided instead of adding silicone to paint I’d just spray inside the cups, might make paint flow out easier and hopefully stop those divots that usually level out but sometimes leave “holes” through paint showing canvas. no-one else who’s seen recent works seems to notice but I do. sometimes we’re our own worst critics aren’t we 😉 I also chose a few more colours, usually i stick to 3 or 4 plus white but yesterday went for seven! I used a 10 x 8 standard edge canvas and an 18 x 6 deep edge one. these were new canvasses, not reused ones…i’ve a stack of those waiting for gesso from failed experiments. Learning curve though!

Colours: R&L white, Schminke pthlalo blue 448, apricot 232, W&N alizarin, Lukas cerulean 4721, chromoxide green 4754, primary red ( this looks like fuchsia pink to me but they call it red…) 4650

I added floetrol to paint, mixed well, added a little alchohol, mixed well then water as needed and more mixing. I’m finding that’s really important, the white especially seems to have tiny lumps and its awful when you’e a great flow spoiled by some lumps. You can pull them out carefully while paint is wet and depends on where they are how much difference it makes. I was trying to reuse cups too, they’re paper ones but I hate waste, however I found that even though I kept same colours and the paint seemed dry inside it still gave little lumps in the paint 😦 so now its fresh cups for each colour unless I’m really sure no lumps will occur.

For both I mixed more than one pot of color with same colours but dif proportions. I saw Danny Clark doing this – I love his videos and the way he explains what the paints/mediums are doing. I used three on the long one, two on the other and poured direct to canvas letting it spread and flow before very carefully tilting. I think maybe I’ve been over keen on the titling bit and that’s why I lose cells. I was so happy with both but they change as they dry, and sadly the long one wasn’t level and edges slid off leaving the rest to slide over and losing some of the sharpness in the cells. That may have happened anyway but I must remember to keep things level. I took photos straight after and then about 3 hours later and you can see the changes. and one showing how much paint gets wasted. this is over the last week only. time for fresh plastic I think!

I don’t like to think how much I’ve spent on paint and mediums over the last weeks so I’m hoping to sell a few to pay for next lot of stuff….here’s a link if anyone is interested.

http://www.affordablebritishart.co.uk/gallery.php?artist=JeannieZelos&aid=17 more will be going on regularly I hope.


Author: jeanniezelos

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