Resin once more.

Sunday I tried resin again on two 3×3 inch paintings, it set well but….i thought they were level, i was wrong, very wrong so one side is perfect but it ran off the other. So monday i tried again, this time using spirit level. Much better result, still not perfect, a couple of dints in surface and i still need a more stable surface, as where the paint did run a little I’ve now got lumps on back – hopefully can sand off. For future tries (hah!) I want to find somewhere indoors instead of shed, where there’s more space and i won’t risk knocking them, and set up an exactly level surface. also try pinning plastic to reverse in hope drips stick to that and not my canvas..maybe 😉 Anyway here’s the results. I really love this resin effect but i’m nearly out of resin, £16 quid gone on trying to get it right. I’ll keep these, I don’t think they’re good enough to sell but I like them. I love that the surface is like glass to touch and really shows a depth in the colours that plain varnish just doesn’t seem to. Plain varnish is easier and a heck of a lot cheaper though so unless some spare cash floats my way resin experiments are on their way out for now. I’ve enough left for maybe one more go – maybe two 3x3inch paintings. I might mix a tiny amount and fill the dints and thin patches on these first though.

You can see where the canvas tore on back of this one when I unstuck it ( with difficulty and a Stanley knife, watching my fingers carefully!!)

the surface of the one above.

this is the thin edge of one where it wasn’t quite level.

here’s one almost perfect except for that little dint in the top centre

here’s all three.


Author: jeanniezelos

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