Cells, Cells at last!

The first two here, the blue mix ones, I did a few days ago, one with and one without silicon. Did a couple more that way but could not get any cells, though I’ve some lovely subtle marbling.

Oddly the cells in the first one came without silicon! Bit trying to replicate it just brought these. I do like them, they’ve gold in so when tilted they ave a subtle shimmer.

Then on Thursday  I tried mixing the silicon on when I add the floetrol/liquitex medium and stirring really well, and that seems to have sorted the lumps and divots I got adding silicon last. And finally I got some great cells.

I used the same colours for all of these, but not all colours on all canvasses. I’ve got three 8 x 10 ins and the smaller ones are 3 x 3 inches. These i did by adding colour direct to canvas instead of via cup dirty pour and then soft swipe over the top. Before I’m convinced I’ve finally cracked cells though I need to see if I can replicate it 😉 or if it was just a lucky accident. The paints changed incredibly as they dried, you can see on the last two the shine as they’re still wet. I’ll take dry photo’s later today.
I had some large cells but as the paint moved they shrunk so that’s my next task, once I’m sure I can now actually Get cells…trying to keep larger ones. I think too I may still be getting the paint a little too thick. I used much more floetrol than I have been, after watching some of Danny Clark’s videos. He and Anne-Marie Ridderhof both do some excellent ones if you’re interested in learning more.
This does use lots of paint, I’ve just ordered more and I’ll soon need more floetrol, nearly used my litre bottle……so fingers crossed I can sell a few. I also really, really want to try resin sometime, but that’s very expensive so for now its got to wait but I love the effect that has on these.
I did try resin on two small ones yesterday, looked at them after about 3 hours and clearly my table wasn’t level and its run off on one side so today its try adding a second coat to fill the gap. I do love that effect, really want to work it out. My new paints came too so today hopefully its more playing!!


Author: jeanniezelos

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