Liquitex pouring meduim

I really wanted to try the Golden one, GAC800 but it seems to be out of stock everywhere in the UK, so a few weeks back I ordered Liquitex pouring medium, which arrived yesterday, so the afternoon saw me back in the studio/art shed playing.

I mixed up some paints and did one 10 x 12 without silicon and one with. I can show you the one without, while its wet, but the silicon seems to make lots of lumps and divots soon as paint settles so can’t show you a good version of that – you won’t get a great idea of what it really looks like! I don’t know whether others have this issue or just me. I’m using a cosmetic silicon, as the spray seems to go everywhere but in the paint, and maybe I’m putting too much in. Its kind of hard to judge when quantities depend on how much paint your mixing. I’m aiming for a few drops in each colour and enough to cover a 10 x 12 canvas. I’ll maybe try the spray again although I got some great cells without any with the liquitex, and if I can replicate that I’d like to drop the silicon out. I’ll take some photos later now they’ve dried and show you but for now first one without silicon, second with. same colours but I think I used more black in second and its too dark, may change as it dries though.
Here’s all the ones i varnished, second coat for a few of last weeks plus the ones Alesha, my 9 yr old granddaughter, and I did on Sunday

Its amazing how the varnish brings up the colour on the darker ones, you can see on this little one where I haven’t applied varnish what a difference it makes. I’d still like to do some with the resin varnish, set like a glass coating even on canvas,  but that’s really out of my price range for now….
This is a 3 x 3 inch canvas so though the bit where you can see canvas, the thin paint, looks huge its not really noticeable in real life. that seems to be what the silicon does though, most of the “holes” close on drying but there are a few thinnish spots.

Its fun playing with all these new things but it costs…I have lots of paint from my painting days, bought each time I sold a painting, but this uses so much I’ve had to buy more of some colours and also some cheaper canvas. when you’re using 3 or 4 a day instead of 2 or so a week it adds up. I still need them to be a decent quality though, no stapled edges etc. and for paint to be not all filler as some student ones are, and to last as house paint doesn’t. I’ve a bit of a thing about good quality materials even though it does cost more. Each to their own, and loads of people are happy with house paint, pound shop canvas and PVA. Room for all of us 😉


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3 thoughts on “Liquitex pouring meduim”

    1. Hi, I’m new to this but if you google Dirty pour acrylics you’ll find loads of videos on youtube, and some of the many ways to apply paint to canvas.
      I’m sticking to the simplest til I’ve more experience, basically you mix individual colours in cups with whatever mediums you choose, and for the simplest, layer them into one cup and then either pour over the canvas or set canvas upside down over the cup, flip it (the flip pour) and lift up the pot. then tilt the paint til it covers the canvas.
      There are loads of different mediums, I’ve bought floetrol, liquitex pouring medium, W&N flow improver, 70% rubbing alchohol, silicon as the main ones I’m trying. I’m having issues with the silicon, it does help the cells but leaves the canvas uneven as it dries but I don’t know if its something I’m doing wrong or whether that’s common. Lots of people use PVA glue, but I found the painting cracked, again I could be mixing too little or too much. Quantities for the mediums seem to vary greatly from person to person. I’ve seen for instance the pouring medium added at 1:1 down to just 1:10, likewise the alchohol, so I’m playing with that too. Its great fun but does work out quite expensive as you use a lot of paint…..and mediums…and canvas!

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