Day fours and five, the resin fail, and more fun works.

I tried the resin as I said, but it wouldn’t stick to canvas. That’s such a shame as its just the effect i wanted, you can see from the paper work where I scraped off the resin from the canvas and let it dry. Its so expensive, so when I’ve finished what I’ve got – which won’t take long ;-( I can’t really justify the expense of more just yet.
I struggled to peel it off my chopping board…still got bits of resin attached !
You can see below resin on centre of painting and the difference at the left side where there’s no resin, especially towards the base.

this one was part of some I did Sunday, using 4 x 4 in canvas and one 8 x 6 in one. Colours used were Lukas raw sienna 4639 and chrome green 4753 and shminke lemon yellow 222 and van dyke brown 668. also a little shminke gold 801 about !/3 of other paint colours. Pics taken when wet, they dry to a matt finish, which is why i wanted the resin to work….
First one was floetrol and alcohol. lots of tiny cells appeared after about 20 mins without torching, and torching didn’t bring many more. This was done via a dirty pour from high into a round shape and then tilted.

No 2 is a 4 x 4 in canvas floetrol, alcohol and a little spray silicon to final mix,flip dirty pour . Did get few cells but colours kind of blended, I lost all the lovely cells I had on pouring. some nice sort of ghosting white parts that look (to me) like x-rays of bones do almost, in a feathery pattern. some nice sharp stripes, kind of tigerish.

No 3 is another 4 x 4 canvas, same floetrol/alchohol, but a few drops pouring silicon and again high pour, square shape. colours blended a lot here but if you look there are cells, not as I’d planned but 😉

no 4 was same as above but a dirty flip pour. Got lots of marbling, colours mixed together alot, maybe the way I tileted and tipped?  lots of small cells. There’s a bit of red in one corner – picked up the wrong cup when touching up edges and corners….but i quite like it!

then i used all the leftovers on the paper that I resinned.
June 6th:

Today it was two almost monochrome ones, Floetrol at about 50% and alchohol at 10%. no silicone in first one. I used a black I mixed from red,blue and yellow as I don’t have any balck, white and Lukas red 4672.

Number one was I poured colours separately onto canvas from high, and then tilted to blend. Got a lovely marble effect but no cells.

Next one put all leftover paint into one cup, added silicone to final mix and dirty pour. This gave a lovely stormy effect with a few cells.


almost caught up now. Had lots of fun varnishing these yesterday, hoping to keep that “wet” look, might take 2-3 coats though…also had a play with some mixes in various combos. they should be on tomorrow.


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