Day Three, Floetrol!

So one of the mediums I was waiting for was Floetrol. Its a paint conditioner, seems to be a bit like a paint medium but without pigment so it helps the paint flow but doesn’t dilute the colour and tension as water does. Well, that’s how it seems to me from what I’ve read. I like to try to understand what mediums and paints do, how they react so that hopefully I can predict what sort of results I’ll get. Danny Clark on you-tube does lots of explaining, and his way of finding out paint density and applying according to weight is interesting. It led me to understand a little better how cells are created. Its well wroth looking at his and Anne-Marie Ridderhof’s videos if you want to learn more.

I decided today I’d try floetrol on its own and with silicon. No alchohol, try that another time. By trying each new medium individually I’m hoping I can find what works best for me and the paints I have. they all react a little differently and even the water in different areas can make a change. I’m going to try bottled and distilled water too at some time.

Colours I used today: white, Lukas primary red 4650, Raw sienna 4639, and Shminke Prussian blue light 445 and lemon yellow 222.

I did the same method as before, mix floetrol into paint ( I used 2 pt floetrol to 1 part paint but I’ve seen various mixes) then add water and mix again, and finally silicon if used.
this is first one, new canvas 4x4ins, no silicone. there were a few cells, not many.

Next I added silicon to the colour, not thew white, just a few drops and didn’t mix it in. again I used dirty pour. Lots of cells this time and swirls of new colours, violets where the red and blue mixed, greens where yellow and blue mixed. I must have used a lot of white ( well, I’ve a big cheapish bottle…saves on the more expensive colours!) and it’ll be interesting to try without any white, and at some point with black instead of white. But got to buy some black first, as I always just mix it.

Next one is again 4 x 4 ins, but instead of dirty pour I applied colours direct to canvas and then let them blend as swiped over the surface with a palette knife. Interesting how different that is from the dirty pour.

I still had some colour left so I made a bit more white, added some alchohol  and did a dirty pour over an old prepainted canvas. As you can see there’s lots of holes and these stayed even after drying so I think either new canvas each time or perhaps gessoing over old ones would work, but not direct to painted surface.

I’m catching up, its Thursday and I’ve just got Sunday’s and Tuesday’s to be up to date. Tuesday’s I’m really excited to show you, two in black, white and red, drop pour as drips over canvas individually and a dirty pour. came out very different.
Not sure what I’m doing today, did try some crystal resin varnish yesterday but it wouldn’t sit evenly onto the canvas – i think because I’d used a coat of spray varnish maybe? Or it could be the silicone, I wiped over with alchohol hoping to remove any residue but who knows?
I needed a lot more than I expected too. Scraped it off and onto an experiment on paper and it had dried to the effect I wanted, which is like a glass finish on the surface. It really enhances the colours but its expensive stuff and I’m not sure I can afford to experiment til I get it right. Shame as I Love the effect and would really like to use it on these paintings. Maybe if some sell, or the house!! 😉




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