Days two and three, still using acrylic flow improver

Still using the acrylic flow improver while waiting for floetrol. It seems different things work for different people and its really trial and error to see what produces the results you like best. I didn’t find PVA worked for me, maybe I’ll try again when I’ve got more experience, and there are any number of things you can add, I’ve seen all sorts on youtube….For me I want to use things I’m pretty sure will last, so its good quality paints, not house-paint even though its much cheaper, and no mediums I think will damage over time. Its your choice, do what you want, don’t let others dictate materials!
So this time I used a new canvas, 18 x 6 inches, still deep box edge, I’m waiting for some standard ones. the problem I have with deep edge canvas, apart from the cost when you’re doing several at a time, is getting the paint to flow over edges without ruining what i have at the top. I think if I am going to use these in future I’ll tape edges and then paint in a complementary colour later.
I used the same white as before ( R&L) Shminke lemon yellow 222, Shminke Van dyke brown 668, Shminke Ultramarine 442, acrylic flow improver and a little silicon and water to get right consistency.

I used same mix method as day one, and did a dirty pour. Clearly I’d got paint too thin though as it poured off the canvas….Ooops. More paint mixed as before, and as I couldn’t do a flip pour without getting paint everywhere i tipped it along the canvas. wow, lots of cells emerged, still very very small but there! They only really showed well after torching. The thing with these is as the paint dries it moves and changes, maybe there’s a way to stop it moving further but I’ve not yet seen anyone do that, so what you end up with can look completely different.

When this was dry I have a coat of spray varnish and hung in kitchen, my first semi successful one 😉

You can see where the yellow and blue from second pour didn’t mix so well but I’m happy.

Next day I played more. This time Nathan was with me so he did a couple too. His second one came out really well. I did one to show him method, he chose to add paint with a brush on canvas, then poured over a dirty pour but chose to brush it to edges and of course it mixed into one colour, so we tipped a little more over and added some red acrylic ink to pop some colour. He used white, Shminke lemon yellow 222, madder carmine 342, silver 800.

Next one I used white, Lukas cerulean 4721 and primary red 4650 and Shminke Phlalo 448. Nath chose the same blues, but adding the madder carmine instead of primary red. We both did dirty pour flip cup method. And as I hate waste I poured all the leftovers onto another canvas ( the cheaper standard edge ones arrived by then!) adding a little browns to see what would happen…..
Nathan’s second pour.

My two for the day.


I’m getting closer to what I want. Learning A LOT! I ordered some 4 x 4 inch canvas as this uses such a lot of paint its quite expensive while learning. They worked well, I’ll show you tomorrow, but when I went to order another six the price had almost doubled 😦 ah well…now I’m on some 8 x 6 inch ones ( i think) where I ordered 20 to get a good price.
I’m working on last weeks notes so some of this is subject to more note taking and floating memory so may not be quite accurate. Doing so many in a short space of time its easy to recall wrongly what you did, which colours, so that’s why I thought I’d keep a record on PC and then decided to turn it in to a blog. I should catch up over next couple days and then it’ll be easier to write next morning what I did the day before….hopefully.
bye for now.



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